Oigåll Projects present CATHARSIS, a stunning debut solo exhibition of works by Naarm based artist and graphic designer Anthony Stephens. Opening on 04.08.22 and comprising a collection of bold figurative paintings and objects, this selection of new work offers an exciting insight into the creative process of an emerging young artist.

Reflecting on his own struggles with mental health at a young age, Anthony Stephens found release and a vital new form of visual language and expression in painting. Creating enthralling and emotionally charged works that parallel his own technically driven practice of making, each piece is considerately composed. Stephens negotiates and collaborates with his various subjects to choreograph the final image, drawing on his practice as a designer and photographer to manipulate physicality and scale in order to achieve this nuanced vision.

The resulting work presents subtle and engaging narratives; heightened modes of representation that highlight the nude form or human figure as a site of emotional and inherently political significance. The compositions negotiate with space and tension in a way that invokes response from the viewer. It is through this response and interaction that Stephens achieves the titular catharsis; the engagement of the viewer providing a vital sense of release and resolution.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis