Jason Waterhouse
Sep 28 - Oct 22, 2023


The insurmountable weight of every little thing.

Calibrating tension and weight with finesse and fragility, Jason Waterhouse’s refined, playfully wrought sculptures are intricately moulded hybrid forms which possess intriguing contradictions. Cast in bronze from natural materials, these finely detailed and seemingly delicate objects appearto suspend order, bending and crushing the solid supports and frames that hold their fine, sinuous forms. Other sculptures defy gravity, their heft appearing to float with unexpected levity. Throughout his practice, Waterhouse continuously explores the relationship between natural and manufactured object. This intentional play with perception and objectivity repeats itself throughout Waterhouse’s collection of meticulously crafted sculptures, a graceful mimicry achieved throughan expert manipulation of form and materiality. The resulting works express these contradictions, inverted norms and malleable qualities in a way that captures a sense of struggle and relief; a negotiation with tension and emotion that suggests itself subtly but profoundly in these stunning contemporary sculptures.

Words by; 
Zachary Calleja

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis