Stephen Carlier  
Dec 06 - Jan 06, 2024


‘Obliviously Procured’ 

The art of Venetian plastering, a legacy craft practice dating back millennia, is as much a triumph of considered materiality and refined technical application, as it is a celebration of the transformative qualities of light and shadow, the texture of earth (limestone/marble), and the astounding sense of depth and movement resulting from their interplay.

Having spent twenty years honing his craft, both in his native England and here in Australia, Melbourne based artist Stephen Robert Carlier explores the possibilities of this tradition, extending its applications to create beguiling work that lives somewhere between art and sculpture. Carlier’s practice revels in these tactile processes and the problem-solving they necessitate, revealing what can be achieved when imagination is applied to craft.

OIGÅLL PROJECTS present a number of new works from the artist that embody this approach. These sculptural pieces have been crafted using a combination of remnant materials and Carlier’s signature application of Venetian plaster, a skilful and intriguing approach to rendering new forms.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis