Brud Studia 
Cordon Salon
Michael Gittings 
Brahman Perera 
Andrew Hustwaite 
Studio Henry Wilson 

Sept 12 - Sept 19, 2022



OFFSITE brings together six Melbourne based artists and designers (and Henry Wilson) exploring both traditional and unconventional materials and processes, blending experimentation and long- established techniques to create furniture and products that are both familiar and challenging.

Centering around the materiality and construction of the object itself, whether a light, a table, or a dumbbell. This exploratory show is built on a curiosity of materials and encourages us to engage and respond to design and how it informs our daily lives.

Combining tradition with innovation, OIGÅLL PROJECTS proses the question: How can the foundations of Classical ideals be applied to contemporary design, and what kind of new creative paths could this reveal?

OIGÅLL PROJECTS is a gallery and conceptual testing ground located in Fitzroy, Melbourne (Naarm). The gallery produces exhibitions showcasing captivating and challenging work from contemporary Australian artists & designers. The gallery presents a blank canvas for cyclical reinvention in collaboration, unbound by history nor convention.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis