When The Night Ripped a Hole Through Eden

Oigåll Projects present When The Night Ripped A Hole Through Eden, an intricate and sensorial collection of furniture and objects by Melbourne (Naarm) based designer and artisan Michael Gittings. Opening in September, the exhibition is a celebration of Gittings’ multifaceted practice, highlighting his preoccupations with materiality and his devotion to the past, present and future potentialities of his craft.

These dark, twisting fabricatons of steel and metal challenge and entice; vaguely forbidden forms that nevertheless invite interaction and touch. Emerging from an amalgamation of organic and industrial influences, and underlined by romanticism, Gittings’ process is driven by an intuitive interaction with the material he works with; a deep respect and tender curiosity for the properties and treatments applied to raw materils that extends deep into the past. This highly engaged approach permeates his work, resulting in inherently experimental pieces that extend the context of materiality with beguiling results.

Establishing his design studio in Fawkner in 2016, Gittings has built a highly respected practice, with multiple works held in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Victoria.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis