Michael Gittings 
May 11 - May 28, 2023


Venus Whipsered 

Furniture and sculpture often occupy passive roles within our homes and our lives. These familiar objects are regularly designed to recede and re-shape according to the parameters and gravity of our occupation, lending themselves to idle comfort and contemplation. With his series of provocative interactive objects, designer & craftsman Michael Gittings imagines alternative sculptural forms that propose a heightened sensory experience of furniture. Mightn’t our soft bodies crave an edge; something solid, hard and resistant to our weight? How does constraint and restriction lend itself to comfort, a feeling of being held and grounded in the present? How can pieces of furniture, as objects with inherent bodily associations, perform kinetic, sensual functions and challenge or awaken a sense of aliveness and connection? In this exhibition Gittings invites us to touch and play with these objects, allowing us to explore a tactile curiosity inspired by the press, grip and swell of his creations, urgent examples of user focused design.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis