James Lemon
Nov 28 - Dec 06, 2021

‘I read the whole bible as a kid. I wasn’t made to read it all, but it was actively encouraged to curl up with a good psalm. I’m curious about many biblical horror stories. I used to love movies about Jesus, and I would fast-forward through the miracles and skip to the crucifixion. Judas’ volcanically hot betrayal was camp, sure, but I wanted to see blood. I felt wrong for this impulse, but sin is simply too much fun. And surely, no rational god would equate cumming over a gay Twitter bot, or lying to yourself about global warming, or eating a yummy fruit with elite sins like cannibalism. Scripture separates the body from everything around it, othering the entire ecosystem. Yet we are very much part of the ecosphere, and we can’t stop eating it.’

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis