Harry Rothel
June 09 - June 26, 2021


Paralysing Disproportions 

Harry Rothel explores concepts of space and self in ‘Paralysing Disproportions’, his 2022 show with Oigåll Projects opening June 9th to the 23th. Drawing on the shared trauma and instability caused by current political and social landscapes, Rothel presents reflections of himself through this series of paintings and sculptures, exploring how the pandemic and isolation has impacted his relationship with himself and ability to connect with reality.

Paralysing Disproportions reports on Rothels parallel existence, placing us in a slightly obscured view to his emotional psyche. The confused and unsure expressions of Rothels self referential characters accompanied with his stripped down paint application evokes an unsettling yet familiar feeling, akin to being on the edge of waking from a dream only to be pulled back into some sort of paralysis.

Across the series Rothel allows the viewer to suspend disbelief and enter into his merky world filled with daja vu, guided by a cast of romantic Harlequins and melancholic Pierrot clowns Paralysing Disproportions is a deep dive into the human condition and the connective emotional ties that bind us all together.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis