Daniel O’Toole
Nov 24 2022

Voices from the Void

‘Voices from the void’ is an installation of custom made brass drums that sing when interacted with. The set of drums are tuned to a chord, creating an evolving soundscape resonates in harmony.

The exhibition will feature 9 drums, displayed as wall hanging objects, that when approached, begin to vibrate and produce a sine wave. The drums skins, painted black, will act as a void drawing focus to the sound which is being projected; singing to the audience and harmonising with the other drums, the room becomes and instrument, and the audience are the players.

A subtle musical experience is evoked through the use of dynamics. The participants proximity to the work determines its volume and the ‘colour’ of the sound; harmonics will be introduced at closer distances. The envelope (speed at which the sound begins and ends) will be affected by the proximity, and the over all feeling of this sensitivity, allows for a responsive and connected experience.

The drums are made of brass; a material is famous for its resonant qualities. The shell is polished to a mirror finish to reflect light, while the skin is painted black to absorb it.

The void is a portal to get lost in, a space for contemplation. ‘Voices from the void’ allows a group of individuals to connect as a group of performers in their own experience of the exhibition, which cannot be re-produced.

Like any instrument with a set of notes, the limitations of its expression, are only your imagination and the time you dedicate to honing the skill in playing it.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis