Kate Jones 
with Parker Lev Dupain
Noc 06 - Nov 26, 2023




“In its essence, ‘Cubby’ constitutes an ambiguous realm, inextricably reliant on the unique experiences of each individual who enters its domain — a space that may offer solace to one and unease to another” - Kate Jones

“Everything takes place as though in an empty room, which is the primal scene of absence, the scene where one is present at one’s own absence, and there is therefore no danger of getting lost...” - Jean Baudrillard, Fragments

OIGÅLL PROJECTS are excited to present Cubby, an ongoing artistic project jointly conceived and executed by artists Kate Jones and Parker Lev Dupain. Cubby is a term referencing a small, snug place, especially an enclosed area for child’s play - a construction, a refuge, a space for limitless possibilities.

Emerging from a series of experiments, examinations, dreams and memory fragments, Cubby aims to punctuate the neutral parameters of the traditional gallery space, re contextualising it as a void that echoes and absorbs our individual, dispersed realities. This exploration of reality as a void, and the void as a vessel for experience, investigation and imagination, potently coalesces in the architecture of the exhibition — a multi-sensory space and experience incorporating diverse materials, and integrating performance, ceramics, video, images and scent.

For this iteration of Cubby, Jones and Lev Dupain centred the idea of constructing a container for experience that is open-sourced and hinges on collaboration and intervention, inviting a diverse range of artists to participate in building work and performance in response to the project’s guiding tenets. Collaborators include olfactory artist Clara Chanisheff.

With these intentions and with a mentality of continuity and malleability, Cubby ultimately aims to elicit a profound sense of childlike play and exploration, perforating the space with transcendent illusions and a feeling of ambiguity, an intentional blurring of the lines between reality and imagination that invite us to participate in discovering what exists in the liminal space between.

Words by; 
Zachary Calleja

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis