Pip Byrne, 
Suzie Zezula,
Aileen Corbett,
Claybia (Cassandra Chilton & Molly O’Shaughnessy),
April 07 - 23, 2022


In the true spirit of Oigåll Projects BUY POT HERE is a story of deep and binding kinship. Comprising 5 separate ceramic based artist, representing 4 practices BUY POT HERE is not simply a group exhibition, it is an examination of alternative approaches to the same medium. Pip Byrne, Suzie Zezula, Aileen Corbett & Claybia harness the limitless medium of dirt and unstoppable force of sisterhood to create an interconnected, experimental and energetic exploration of their practices separate in concept but joined in passion.

The object based collective, comprised of floor, table top and wall mounted work, tests the limits of how ceramic art can be experienced and integrated into the everyday. The exhibition explores concepts of fragility, brutalism, folk and camp aesthetics, allowing clay to be the central binding theme. Combining traditional and experimental hand building techniques BUY POT HERE harness stoneware to deliver a humorous, and pushes the limitations of the ceramic process.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis