Feb 08 - Mar 02


‘High Hopes’

BMDO is the design practice of Fletcher Barns (Melbourne) and James L. Marshall (Los Angeles). Their backgrounds in Industrial Design and Fine Art provide a conceptual basis for creative thinking, processes and making/manufacturing. Blending traditional- and future-oriented aesthetics, BMDO creates furniture and art objects with attention to material, context and detail. BMDO is playful, dark, social and emotional.

What meaning is built into furniture? Where is the acceptable cross-section of art and everyday objects? BMDO's first solo exhibition, High Hopes, pokes around these edges exploring high and low materials and object status.

Abandoned car parts find new light. Hotel chairs come to dinner. The trash can is not off limits. Respectfully, Arte Povera.

High Hopes is a series of DMs, missed calls, texts, and just enough hemispherical timezone cross-over.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis