Annika Kafcaloudis
Supported by
Rose Goodchild
Sept 01 - Sept 11, 2022


Family History 

Oigåll Projects present a definitive exhibition of works by prolific Melbourne (Naarm) based photographer Annika Kafcaloudis. Launching September 1st, the exhibition coincides with the release of a stunning hardcover monograph, encompassing both her commercial and artistic practice. Featuring images produced across the span of her career, and including new work that candidly documents a subject very close to home – her family – the exhibition and book launch is a warm celebration of Annika’s distinctive artistic vision and collaborative spirit.

A close friend and collaborator of the gallery, Annika has worked with talented designers, artists, chefs and artisans working in Melbourne and abroad. Her recognisable commissions have become synonymous with an intimate celebration of makers/making as well as exploring the poetry to be found in materiality and the seemingly mundane. Her work often documents the creative process, capturing her subjects in a lucid state of creation, movement and ritualism. Producing work that is sumptuous and beguiling, while championing rawness, Annika has developed a highly respected and sought after practice.

To accompany the photographic exhibition, painter and long time colaborator Rose Goodchild has selected a number photographic works from Annika’s achieve to serve as reference for a series of intimate oil paintings.

Rose carries on Kafcaloudis manipulation of the digital images and transfers them to paint on board using traditional still life techniques to capture the light, mood and colour of some of Annika’s most celebrated photographs.

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis