Feb 22 - Feb 25, 2024


‘Contemporary Antiquities ’ 
Following on from our involvement with Melbourne Design Fair we were invited by the foundation to design the VIP/ Hospitality space for this years fair. It challenges the concepts of what is a VIP traditionally is. Fabricating the infrastructure from internal building materials that we fell in love with during our own renovation. Galvanised steel frame, rubberised insulation make up the majority of the structure.

Across it's 300sqm footprint we will curate a collection of works from artist and designers dedicated to pushing their material and techniques to the absolute limits. Not for the faint of heart these works have been created under great pressure, heat and physical stress. 

If you haven’t acquired tickets to the Melbourne Art Fair I STRONGLY encourage you to. Visit us in the space, no need to tell you where it will be in the venue, you will not miss it.

Wish us luck with the install. Here are some studio pictures, sketches, and iphone photos of the featured artists and their works all to wet your appetite…

Photography by;
Annika Kafcaloudis